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The Innocent Man marks his first foray into non-fiction. To say that Italy—the land of opera, fantastic wines, extraordinarily small vehicles, romance, and Football Americano— holds a number of surprises for Rick Dockery can be one thing of an understatement. Rick Dockery was the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the AFC Championship game towards Denver, to the shock and dismay of just about everyone, Rick actually got into the sport. With a 17-point lead and simply minutes to go, Rick offered what was arguably the worst single efficiency in the history of the NFL.

Through the telling of legends and to the rhythm of hunts and great fishing, their lives cross by serenely until the day when the lengthy dormant volcano wakes up. Tali Nohkati and his companions helplessly watch the disaster unfold in front of their eyes. However, as their so valuable land is nothing but an ash field, the miracle occurs. Having survived lethal forces of nature and the folly of males, Tali Nohkati and his individuals find a haven of peace with the tribe of Coruba the elder. • Spiritually sensitive people, empaths, and anyone involved in the spiritual side of life.

We are gifting away five printed copies of this book in trade for an trustworthy evaluate. They arrive at the manor the next morning ready to be entertained-only to find that tragedy has struck. The matriarch of the household has just been found killed in her bed. The novel explores the time period from 1848 to 1857 when numerous thinkers, reformers, and philosophers speculated on the best methods to arrange life and work. Its portrayal of life within the Pines and on the road during these years is each fascinating and eye opening. Deep in the woods, she comes across Colin Drysdale, a younger English botanist who has injured his leg.

This shifting and darkly humorous novel follows the intertwined lives of women willing to give up every little thing to a man more in love with success than any female. When Francine, a plucky reporter, digs into the story, the clues she discovers lead her down a path of demise and mayhem. She and Samantha uncover sexual predators and a legal conspiracy that is greater than they will handle.By working with the daddy of the young man who died with Lori within the boat, they draw the ire of the quiet suburb's police pressure.

A heart that's a building, a canine that is a program, a woman who's sinking irretrievably - tales about love, loss, and motion. A collection of poignant, carefully crafted speculative tales from author and Metaphorosis journal editor B. Danny Bennett, now a single father of seven-year-old daughter Hannah, can't help but be drawn to Kara. When he offers to assist Kara race in the regatta, little does he understand how the girl who stole his coronary heart way back will change the greatest way he sees family, love, and parenting a toddler with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

That ends when a routine job goes sideways leaving Lane with a sack full of stolen solar shards—the supply of solar fae energy. Without the shards, the solar fae face giving up their magic utterly, or risk dying in the event that they use their energy. What if we understood nationalism as a religion as an alternative of an ideology?

The Old Testament depicts a battlefield between the sinful thoughts and God's revelation.Today, many Christians minimize the mind and do not recognize how sin impacts thinking. They suppose like customers shopping for information, learning formats, and instructors that conform to their buying preferences. It explains what God requires intellectually of his vice-regents. It reveals that our world is a labyrinth, however that God's revelation is our dependable guide.

From Willow’s own experiences, and through the experiences related to her by people, and other beings she’s identified, she offers voice to their life’s journeys. While Sam is canoeing on a wilderness lake in Canada he’s kidnapped and taken to a moon deep in area. Sam is near demise when a young woman, Willow, saves his life. Later, he saves her from a life of abuse by the chief of her society. In doing so, he incurs the leader’s wrath and must flee for his life along with Willow, her mom, and her uncle.

Edward Drummond thinks he has found love in the shape of Melanie, a journalist he meets at a dinner party. But their relationship isn't as sturdy because it appears, and so when she invitations him to hitch her in the village of Gravenham he accepts, hoping to repair what has already turn out to be fractured. But Gravenham is not the idyllic resort he had hoped to search out, and as Melanie's story turns into ever extra twisted, it's not their relationship that must be saved... The House of Many Souls addresses particular matters by which we must find healing and each of these matters God has labored with me and has shown me some powerful ways of escape and healing. Fortunate Son is a coming-of-age story set on a southern faculty campus in the course of the turbulent spring of 1970. Reed Lawson, an ROTC cadet, struggles with the absence of his father, a Navy pilot who has been Missing in Action in Vietnam for 3 years.